Fifth Freedom Flights : Air Austral(UU)

Fifth Freedom Flights : Air Austral(UU)

Today I will explain the fifth freedom flights for Air Austral(UU), a French airline with its headquarters at Réunion(RUN). Réunion is is an island and region of France in the Indian Ocean. The capital city is Saint-Denis, known for bourbon (the coffee variety, not the alcohol)

The frequent flyer programme of UU

The frequent flyer programme of UU is “Capricorne”, you can earn it by the following flights :

  • Air France(AF)
  • Ewa Air(ZD)
  • Air Mauritius(MK)
  • The alliance UU belongs to

    UU belongs to Vanilla Alliance, whose members are :

  • Air Austral(UU)
  • Air Madagascar(MD)
  • Air Mauritius(MK)
  • Air Seychelles(HM)
  • Int’Air Îles(I7)
  • RUN – MAA – BKK

    MAA <-> BKK(1385 miles)
    22OCT – 29OCT
    Y : JPY37,990 –

    It is quite a good price, the other airlines cost more than JPY100,000.

    Mind you, you should buy through UU’s website because if you buy it through any travel agency’s website, it will be more expensive.


    I would love to visit there and to enjoy the coffee, whilst speaking French.

    If you want to use UU from Japan, it will be either Japan to BKK using TG(or something) and BKK – RUN using UU, or Japan to CDG using AF(or something) and CDG – RUN using UU.





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