Hotel review : Hilton Tokyo Bay

Hotel review : Hilton Tokyo Bay

We visited Tokyo Disney Land to celebrate our marriage anniversary and stayed at Hilton Tokyo Bay.

Unfortunately it was awful…

About hotel

There are some hotels around Tokyo Disney Land, called “Disney Official Hotels” :

The Hilton is also one of them and you can go there by a train, Disney Resort Line.

It cost JPY260 which is an absolutely good price isn’t it?

I just realised for the first time that Japan Airlines(JL) is the official sponsor of the Disney Land.

I stared at the logo whilst my wife and my son enjoyed the parade.

After enjoying Disneyland, we arrived at the hotel.

The room was like this :

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘hhonors’ SSID.

Fill in your Surname and room number on the followed page, then it will be connected.

You can use the Wi-Fi for 3 hours, but even after that you can re-connect and use it.


Uploading : 0.89Mbps
Downloading : 0.50Mbps



It was just an awful, very poor WiFi network.

I have never experienced such poor network, even in much cheaper hotels. 

Also when I tried to turn the little light on, the light did not work.

It was the first time to enter such an awful room as well.

The staff were nice, however. We arrived very early in the morning and tried to just leave our bags but they offered to check us in as long as we come back after 17.00.

Also they offered me both the complimentary breakfast and bonus point as they cannot offer room upgrade even though I am a Hilton gold member.

It was just awful not because of their hospitality, but because of the WiFi and room.

We are meant to come to the Disney Land every year to celebrate but we will change to Sheraton next year…

Note from my wife:- She very much likes this hotel, lovely amenities and beautiful interior. Room was lovely too and suited our needs. She was very pleased with the hotel over all. She particularly likes that the hotel has some cafes where you can pick up food easily and likes the Mediterranean restaurant on the ground floor. The Wifi doesn’t bother her since she doesn’t use it that much.





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