Hotel review : Hotel Mystays Haneda

Hotel review : Hotel Mystays Haneda

We stayed at Hotel Mystays Haneda before very-early-flight next day.

About hotel

This hotel is located at the Keikyu Anamori Inari station, 5 mins to walk.

The entrance is like this :

And this is the room we stayed :

It is very good that you stay with your family and you have to work, the bed hides the light.

Also the chair is nice one, I liked it.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘Mystays_Haneda’ SSID.

Then type the password which is in the room.


Uploading : 16.71Mbps
Downloading : 12.40Mbps

Very good network, I felt no stress.


I booked this hotel via Rocketmiles.

There were a few restaurants and convenience stores, but the room service had a variety of food with cheaper price.

And the shuttle bus service starts from 4.30am so you can get there even on early flight.

Although it might be inconvenient place, I do recommend to stay this hotel, you can consider to stay here. 





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