Hotel review : Hyatt Regency Osaka

Hotel review : Hyatt Regency Osaka

I stayed at Hyatt Regency Osaka when I visited Osaka as a business trip.

About hotel

Hyatt Regency Osaka is located a little bit far from city centre in Osaka, this is why the price is relatively cheap, which costed JPY18,000 for one night.

Also there is a shuttle bus service between Osaka Station and the hotel.

The bus stop is here :

The bus is like this :

As you can see, it is bit small bus so you might not be able to ride on it, and you might have to wait for another 30 mins…

In the bus a promotional video playing in the monitor.

This time I got upgraded to Luxurious room 🙂

I took a video in the room :

The room was like this :

There were 2 bottles of water on the desk.

No mini bars here.

The bathroom :

From the window :

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select “@Hyatt_WiFi” SSID.

After filling in the necessary information then click “Start Internet”.

It’s done.


Uploading : 2.73Mbps
Downloading : 6.35Mbps

It was better than the number shows.

I felt no stress when I tried to upload quite a lot of images.


It was a very comfortable stay, everything was excellent.

The bed was very nice too, I completely slept well.

I do recommend to stay this hotel, although it is a little bit far from the city centre.

So far I prefer Hyatt Regency to Grand Hyatt.





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