Hotel review : Radisson Hotel Narita

Hotel review : Radisson Hotel Narita

The three of us(my wife, my son and me) stayed at Radisson Hotel Narita on the day before flying to Korea.

My wife was eager to visit South Korea but actually I was a little reluctant…

About hotel

I took some of photos, although it was a short stay :

There is a playing room for kids on the ground floor.

Apparently this hotel is used by flight attendants of some airlines such as Delta Airlines(DL).

Also, the hotel has free shuttle service between hotel and airport as well as some stations.

You can check the time schedule here:

Air miles I got

I booked this hotel at Kaligo for this time and got 1,400 miles of Virgin Atlantic Airways(VS).

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘RadissonFreeWi-Fi’ SSID.
After selecting and opening a browser, a page to connect to the internet will be displayed.

Fill in the necessary information and it will be done with this page below :


Uploading : 19.59Mbps
Downloading : 22.78Mbps
It was over 22Mbps at around 23.00 which is the busiest time for network traffic.
I didn’t feel stressed using the internet, including watching videos and uploading images.


I booked this hotel by using Kaligo, It was a very nice hotel.

Although the double room is not so big and the hotel is ranked as a little bit above of the Budget hotel, the price is not so expensive, the accommodation is quite nice and staff are nice too.

There are some tennis court there 🙂

I would recommend this hotel if you will not take such an early flight as it takes about 30 minutes to get to Narita airport, also the restaurant will open at 6.00 AM.

Unfortunately there were almost no restaurants around there(only a convenience store called ‘Mini stop’).

I wish there would be more restaurants around the hotel.





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