Hotel review : Grand Hyatt Fukuoka

Hotel review : Grand Hyatt Fukuoka

I stayed at Grand Hyatt Fukuoka when I visited Fukuoka as a business trip.

About hotel

Grand Hyatt Fukuoka is in Canal City, close to Hakata station in Fukuoka.

It is very handy to get to city centre(Hakata area or Tenjin area) from Fukuoka airport, it takes only 15 mins by the underground.

The reception is like this :

This time the room was on 6th floor, far from the lift.

The room was like this :

The room was enough for 1 person(The bigger the better though).

There is a universal socket.

The view from the window(Not that brilliant) :

Mini bar :

I was too sleepy to have breakfast, I missed it…

Instead I went to a café to have a cuppa tea.

It is very good for me to write articles in a luxurious, calm place such like here :

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select “hyatt” SSID.

No password is needed.


Uploading : 2.13Mbps
Downloading : 0.69Mbps

It was better than the number shows.

I felt no stress when I tried to upload quite a lot of images.


As you might know, you can stay this hotel with quite cheap price considering that it is “Grand Hyatt”, about JPY20,000 for one night.

Althouth it depends on the seasonality, I think it is worth considering to stay this hotel, especially you are trying to become the elite member of the World of Hyatt.





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  1. By Ell

    Nice review. I liked that you show the cafe as well as the room. Which hotel chain (IHG, Starwood, Hyatt, etc) would you suggest for traveling in Japan? I visit Tokyo, Osaka, or Hiroshima once a year usually.


    • By par

      Thank you for your comment, I would suggest you the Starwood hotels, as there are Starwood hotels all in the cities you will visit, not in Fukuoka though.

      Especially the breakfast in Sheraton Hiroshima tastes absolutely nice 😉


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