Hotel review : Hilton Nagoya (cafe The Gallery)

Hotel review : Hilton Nagoya (cafe The Gallery)

When I visited Nagoya, I used a cafe at Hilton Nagoya, The Gallery for the venue of a business meeting.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘hhonors-public’ SSID.

Afterwards an another page will be shown and it will be connected.

You can use the Wi-Fi for 3 hours, but even after that you can re-connect and use it.

The SSID “hhonors” is for the staying guests.


Uploading : 2.18Mbps
Downloading : 1.88Mbps

No problem at all.


I had the meeting on a Sunday, most of the shops in the business areas in Nagoya called “Fushimi” and “Marunouchi” were closed.

It is quite good to choose this area and have meetings as it is less busy on the weekend and you can use Hilton as the meeting place, like I did.

The cafe in the hotel inspired me and I came up with lots of good ideas. I liked doing the meeting in this hotel.

Also I like the odour of the entrance at Hilton 🙂





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