Airport review : Aomori airport(AOJ)

Airport review : Aomori airport(AOJ)

I went to Aomori(AOJ), a nothern city in Japan recently, I will explain what the northern airport was like.

About airport

Aomori is famous (within Japan) for apples and Tuna.

Korean Air(KE) has a service to AOJ, which surprised me.

Also you can take regional airlines, “Fuji Dream Airlines” to go to Nagoya(NKM).

Mind you, it is not Nagoya Centrair(NGO) but Nagoya Airfield(NKM).

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘aomori-airport’ SSID.

You need to fill in the password, you can ask the information staff or shop staff for it.


Uploading : 5.63Mbps
Downloading : 9.78Mbps

It was a good speed.

I felt no stress.


It sometimes happens that when you travel from North Asia to Europe, it’s cheaper to fly from Seoul(ICN) than to fly from Tokyo(HND/NRT).

So it might be a good option to go to ICN from AOJ, then go to Europe by KE, or Asiana Airlines(OZ).





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