Hotel review : Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Hotel review : Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

When we visited Hong Kong, we stayed at Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport in advance since it would be an early flight the next day.

About hotel

This hotel is linked to the airport, in the building “Aero plaza”.

You can also earn Japan Airline’s (JL) air miles when you stay there.

The room was like this :

It seemed they upgraded the room, even though we were using the hotel for the first time and I’m not a member.

It was just lucky.

From the window we could see fleets taxiing.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select “HOTEL@KIXZ” SSID.

The password is in the room.


Uploading : 3.42Mbps
Downloading : 3.50Mbps

It was good.

I felt no stress when I tried to upload quite a lot of images.


It was very convenient to be linked to the airport.

Apparently this hotel used by some of the airline staff. I saw some China Airlines(CI) staff members checking in.

It makes sense, it’s very handy indeed.

KIX is trying to host as many Asian airlines as possible, I think that’s because lots of Chinese and Asian tourists visit Kansai area.





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