How to assign seats on Japan Airlines using British Airways Avios

How to assign seats on Japan Airlines using British Airways Avios

Recently I booked a flight from Seoul(ICN) to Narita(NRT), business class, operated by Japan Airlines(JL) using British Airways(BA) Avios for my family(2 ADT and 1 INF).

Luckily enough, there were still seats available.

There are more available seats using the BA website.

On the BA’s site, JL’s business class award ticket release number is “4”.

BA is known for making it relatively easy to secure JL reward tickets (domestic and international flights).

By using Avios, award tickets from Seoul (SEL) to Tokyo (TYO) cost :

Economy: 7,500 miles
Business: 15,000 miles

It’s not possible to assign seats from the BA website

From BA ‘s My Page, it is not possible to assign seats booked with JL’ s award tickets.

Although there is a ‘Change’ button to change the seat selection in BA’s app it seems that the seat can not be changed…

It only displays the current assigned seat.

You can request meals though.

You cannot assign seat on the Japanese JL website either

You cannot assign a seat on the Japanese JL website either, but you can find out what aircraft will be used though.

Apparently what we took was:

Boeing 737-800(73H)
So, the question is, how can we change the seat selection?

Of course you can ring JL’s customer centre and make a request to change but you might want to chage in the middle of the night.

I will show you how to assign a seat through the Internet.

Let’s use another JL website

Actually you can assign your seat on the JL US website:
To assign the seat, you will need the JL reservation number(PNR).

How to get JL’s reservation number

To get JL’s reservation number, you can access either :
(Amadeus Japan service, called ‘e-ITR’)


Check my trip

You can check JL’s PNR number by using the reservation number provided by BA.

If you want to use e-ITR, click ‘e-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt’.

It will be in this format :
in the REFERENCE section.

The ‘YYYYYY’ part is JL’s reservation number.
When using Check My Trip, you should check the 6 digit alphanumeric characters written ‘Japan Airlines YYYYYY’ at the bottom.

Changing your seat on JL US

Access JL US website :
And click ‘View Reservation/Check-In’, -> ‘Check-In’.

Put in the JL’s reservation number you found earlier, Flight Number, Date of departure and Passenger name.

Select itinerary to be changed.

Click ‘Seat Assignment’ and you can finally assign your seat!

You can change your seat for both Japanese domestic and international flights.

Actually Japan Airlines are meant to migrate their host system to Amadeus this November 2017.

BA is also using Amadeus as their host system so after JL’s migration the reservation number should become unique, and you won’t need JL reservation number anymore.


This time I payed :
15,000 Avios per person
TAX : JPY2,840
I also checked the fare on the same day I purchased. If I bought them with cash, it would have been :

So cost per miles should be :
44,698 / 15,000 = JPY2.97
So my Avios would be valued at JPY2.97 which is not bad.





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