Airport review : Kochi Ryoma Airport(KCZ)

Airport review : Kochi Ryoma Airport(KCZ)

I went to Kochi(KCZ), a south eastern city in Shikoku island in Japan recently, I will explain what the airport was like.

About airport

Kochi is famous (within Japan) for Yuzu, citrus fruits, and Bonito.

Please note, it is not Kochi in India(COK) but Kochi Ryoma airport(KCZ).

There are no lounges in the airport, there are some restaurants and cafes instead.

As it was in the morning time, all restaurants were available and it was very comfortable.

Almost all shops were equipped with a Waon card reader, an electronic prepaid money card in Japan :

It is good (especially for Japanese) for JL miles collectors.

Instead of lounges, there are working spaces like this :

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘kochiairport-free’ SSID.

No password is needed.


Uploading : 20.64Mbps
Downloading : 30.18Mbps

It was a good speed.

The network was never disconnected when I used FaceTime and when I used my PC at the restaurant.

Overall I felt no stress but somehow at the business desk, it could not be connected.


There is no playing space in the airport, so if you are accompanied by your child(ren), you might have to go outside and let them play.

Or, there is a deck on the roof so you can see aeroplanes departing / landing.





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