Airport review : Kansai international airport(KIX)

Airport review : Kansai international airport(KIX)

We transited through Kansai international airport(KIX), which is in Osaka when we visited Hong Kong.

Although it was very short stay there, I will explain to you what it was like.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘FreeWiFi@KIXRV’ SSID.

No password is needed.


Uploading : 2.06Mbps
Downloading : 0.94Mbps

Slow speed and poor connectivity.

It might be difficult to keep using the wifi here.


I wish it would be faster…

Unlike Haneda(HND) or Narita(NRT), when you have a connection flight from a Japanese domestic flight to an international flight, you have to go out of the arrival terminal first and then take security check.

It is very troublesome… 

There was a play space for children, you can let your kids play there.

It was close to ANA(NH) departure gate.

(How to get to JL SAKURA lounge after passport control)



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