Airport review : Komatsu Airport(KMQ)

Airport review : Komatsu Airport(KMQ)

I went to Komatsu(KMQ), Ishikawa prefecture in Japan recently, I will explain what the airport was like.

About airport

​KMQ is the closest airport from Kanazawa city, famous for gold leaf.

It takes 40 mins to get to city centre by the shuttle bus.

Korean Air flies from Incheon(ICN) to KMQ, there were quite a lot of passengers queueing at the checkin counter.

Also there is an Observation(?) deck at the roof.

There are models of aeroplane that depart / arrive at KMQ :

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select “Komatsu AP Free WiFi” SSID.

No password is needed, however please not that it will be valid only 10 mins to use the internet without password, after that you might have to register with the following way :


Uploading : 1.78Mbps
Downloading : 0.42Mbps

It was a good speed.

I didn’t use only for this 10 mins though 😛


There are only 2 desks at the departure gate :

Also there is the SAKURA Lounge by Japan Airlines(JL) next to the desks.

I flied back to Tokyo(HND).





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