Hotel review : Akiu Grand Hotel

Hotel review : Akiu Grand Hotel

We visited Akiu Grand Hotel, which is in west side of Sendai city, famous for rich Onsens (hot springs).

About hotel

There are quite a lot of Ryokans(Japanese-style inns) in the westside of Sendai city, Akiu area.

The hotel is one of them.

It will take about 1 hour by shuttle bus from Sendai station. 

The room was like this :

Typical Ryokan.

The breakfast and the dinner was buffet-style, there were lots of kinds of food, which were all tasty.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘akiugrand’ SSID.

No password is needed.


Uploading : 2.44Mbps
Downloading : 2.38Mbps

Not a bad speed.
I felt no stress with it.


Although the whole purpose of going there was to soak in the onsen, I didn’t since I was really tired.

Meanwhile my son was happy to wear “Yukata” 🙂

If you want to come here by aeroplane, you can depart from Narita(NRT), Sapporo Chitose(CTS), Itami(ITM), Nagoya(NH) and Fukuoka(FUK).

Or, you can use Shinkansen, taking less than 2 hours.

Also there are tasty sweets, famous for Japanese people, called “Ohagi(おはぎ)” in a supermarket “Saichi(さいち)” :

If you visit this area, it is worth going to this supermarket and try to taste it 🙂





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