Hotel review : The Westin Chosun Seoul

Hotel review : The Westin Chosun Seoul

We stayed at The Westin Chosun Seoul for 2 night.
I booked for the room with :

  • Free stay
  • Used starpoint
  • So it was virtually free of charge.

    About hotel

    As I am a gold member, they will upgrade the room(Subject to availability).
    This time as well, I got upgraded to the Executive room.

    The room is like this :

    Although the hotel was built quite a long time ago, the room was made up nicely.

    Points I got

    Here are the points I got for this stay :

    I got bonus points(250 points per night) even though it was a free stay 🙂

    How to connect to Wi-Fi

    You can select ‘WESTIN@CHOSUN’ SSID.

    No password is needed.


    I measured at three separate times, as follows :

    At around 14.00

    It is afternoon just after checking-in :

    Uploading : 3.30Mbps
    Downloading : 14.52Mbps
    It was fast downloading.

    At around 22.00

    It was night time which tends to have slow network :

    Uploading : 2.96Mbps
    Downloading : 4.71Mbps
    As usual, the speed went down…
    Especially the downloading speed went down significantly.
    Furthermore, I got quite a lot of disconnection during internet use and I had to re-connect from scratch…

    At around 10.00

    It is the time the least used :

    Uploading : 1.83Mbps
    Downloading : 14.76Mbps
    Downloading was fast(uploading was slow though)
    I felt almost no stress when using the internet.


    Generally the Wifi service is good apart from night time.
    The service was also good, the staff were nice.

    When they realised I’m Japanese, they talked to me in Japanese.
    (It didn’t matter to me if they had kept speaking in English though)
    Last thing, I liked the odour of the hotel 🙂

    There was a heavy fragrance in the main atrium. It was pleasing for me.





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