Airport review : Haneda airport(HND) international terminal

Airport review : Haneda airport(HND) international terminal

I prefer using Haneda airport(HND) whenever I travel as it is closer than Narita(NRT).

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘HANEDA-FREE-WIFI(2.4G)’ SSID.

No password is needed.

After connection, the following page will be displayed.
Tap ‘Access the internet here’ and ‘I agree’ on the next page.
It’s done!


Uploading : 0.20Mbps
Downloading : 0.16Mbps

Too slow!

This speed will make not only me but almost everybody irritated.

I’m scared of the reputation of Japan would become worse because of this, especially since, according to many tourists Tokyo is meant to be the technology capital of the world…


It was too slow to connect, as well as to use, I just googled :

羽田空港 wifi 遅い
(Haneda wifi slow in Japanese)

Then, it showed more than 100,000 results…

It was awful, considering it was night time and at the weekend…

I think it should be improved as soon as possible if the Japanese government wants to increase the number of inbound tourists.



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