Lounge review : Fukuoka(FUK) ANA lounge(domestic)

Lounge review : Fukuoka(FUK) ANA lounge(domestic)

I took an ANA(NH) flight when I fly back to Tokyo from business trip.


I got several emails that informs delay, delay delay and delay…

I received a voucher ticket as a token of compensation.

It is the security lane dedicated to the Star Alliance members :

About lounge

It was very busy in the lounge, it might be because of the delay.

I had to sit down next to an objet as there were no seats available.

The lounge is like this :

Black-based design is same concept for all ANA lounges in Japan.

I took a video there :

I think it is small considering the number of passenger.

It should be more bigger so that all of passengers can sit down.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘ana’ SSID.

No password is needed.

After connection, the following page will be displayed.

Click(tap) ‘Enter’.
Select your gender and age, then click(tap) ‘Sign in’.
Then, it’ll be connected.


Uploading : 1.48Mbps
Downloading : 7.37Mbps
The downloading speed is faster than uploading.
Although there were many people using the internet, I was able to use it without stress.


Finally I managed to take off after 1 hour 20 mins’ delay.

I had some local foods, Udon, with the voucher.

I took a video of the departing gate, the sound an elite member(Star Alliance Gold) goes through :

I think there are lot of differences between Japan Airlines(JL) and ANA(NH), especially for services.

When I fly with JL, flight attendants talk to me with my surname although I’m a BA silver member, whilst NH doesn’t.

It is interesting to compare the services for the elite members between Oneworld and Star Allinace 😉





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