Lounge review : Fukuoka(FUK) Japan Airlines(JL) SAKURA LOUNGE domestic terminal

Lounge review : Fukuoka(FUK) Japan Airlines(JL) SAKURA LOUNGE domestic terminal

I went to Fukuoka(FUK), a south eastern city in Kyushu island in Japan for a business trip and I visited the Sakura lounge run by Japan Airlines(JL).

About lounge

​Fukuoka is the largest city in Kyushu island, Japan’s fifth largest city, as of 2015.

Fukuoka airport is known as one of the most convenient airports in Japan.

It takes only 15 mins to get to city centre(Hakata or Tenjin area) by the underground.

Currently it was under construction, unfortunately.

I felt it was bit dark.

The lounge looks like a Japanese-style expressing space :

Unfortunately no kids spaces there.

It was a quiet lounge there, it might be because on the weekday though.

The socket is not a universal one.

I took a video of the lounge :

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘jal’ SSID.

No password is needed.

Then click(tap) “START”.

After reading the terms and conditions, ticking 「同意する」(“agree” in Japanese) and click(tap) 「次へ」(“next” in Japanese).

Fill in your email address.

Click(tap) 「同意する」(“agree” in Japanese), then it’ll be connected.


Uploading : 5.74Mbps
Downloading : 2.54Mbps
Not bad.

I was able to use it without stress.


Although I do not drink alcohols you can taste a local-brewed alcohols, like Japanese sake or Shochu(distilled spirit) in every single JL lounges.

Normally JL flights depart from gate 60, but the lounge is a little bit far from there so you might have to leave the lounge 25 mins earlier if you want to get the Priority boarding service.





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