Lounge review : Tokyo Haneda airport(HND) ANA international lounge

Lounge review : Tokyo Haneda airport(HND) ANA international lounge

I used the ANA lounge when travelling to Malaysia.

You can also use it if you pay to get in:
Let me help you decide if it is worth paying for 🙂

About lounge

ANA lounge is well known as one of the flagship lounges of ANA(NH). Of course Star alliance Gold elite members can use here for free as usual.

The entrance is separated into two, one is the ANA lounge and one is the “ANA Suite lounge”, where only first class passenger and ANA Diamond member(not Star alliance Gold members) can enter.

Turning left after the reception, there is a long corridor.

Inside is like this :

It is roomy enough.

There are shower rooms as well. Mind you, the shower room is very busy, you will have to wait for around 20 people to finish especially at night time on Friday…

You can print documents out.

There are a variety of foods and drinks available, the curry tastes nice and it is quite famous for Japanese people 🙂

There is also a noodle bar.

I would be full before even eating on the aeroplane… haha 😀

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘ana’ SSID.

No password is needed.
After connection, the following page will be displayed.

Click(tap) ‘Enter’.
Select your gender and age, then click(tap) ‘Sign in’.
Then, it’ll be connected.


Uploading : 7.81Mbps
Downloading : 11.58Mbps

Good speed and good connectivity, no stress.


Indeed it is lovely lounge because it is the flagship lounge for NH.

I think this lounge caters mainly for business people.

No play spaces for children, there was only a nappy changing room there.

Some mums were looking after their baby by walking around.

Although the lounge is wide enough, there are quite a lot of chairs and sofas, so if the children run around, they would bump into somebody.
Probably they do not want the families to come here, by considering the structure and the design of this lounge.
I suppose it must be “No thank you” for families from NH, even if you are an elite member.

Has this helped you decide whether you want to pay to get in?
…Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it.





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