Lounge review : Osaka Itami(ITM) ANA lounge

Lounge review : Osaka Itami(ITM) ANA lounge

We used the ANA lounge at Itami airport(ITM), another airport in Osaka whose flights are only domestic.

About lounge

It was very busy on that day, there was a long queue at the security lane…

However, we queued for the premium check-in counter, thanks to Star alliance gold membership.

The ANA lounge is located right on the left side after security.

A big fleet model welcomes us.

Lounge inside :

No food as it is for domestic flight lounge.

I took a video :

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘ana’ SSID.

No password is needed.

After connection, the following page will be displayed.

Click(tap) ‘Enter’.
Select your gender and age, then click(tap) ‘Sign in’.
Then, it’ll be connected.


Uploading : 2.55Mbps
Downloading : 0.45Mbps

Uploading was faster at the ITM lounge.


I wish they could serve at least tasty coffee, if they don’t serve food…

As I don’t drink that much, a beer machine doesn’t make me happy at all.



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