Lounge review : Tokyo Haneda(HND) Japan Airlines(JL) DIAMOND PREMIER LOUNGE domestic terminal

Lounge review : Tokyo Haneda(HND) Japan Airlines(JL) DIAMOND PREMIER LOUNGE domestic terminal

I went to Aomori(AOJ), a nothern city of Japan, with my “mentor”(he teaches me how to earn Japan Airlines(JL) air miles effectively, which routes are cost-effective to earn status miles etc).

About lounge

The lounge is the best lounge that JL runs.

JAL Diamond members, Oneworld Emerald members and passengers who have first class tickets can enter this lounge.


My mentor is of course a Diamond member(= Oneworld Emerald member) so he took me as an “accompanying guest”.

I’m just a normal member(BA Bronze status).

This is the check-in counter :

The ladder is also cool, isn’t it?

The shiny logo at the reception.

There is a Bonsai in the lounge.

Classical music was playing in the lounge.

There are two First class lounges at HND ; North lounge, which we entered this time, and South lounge, smaller than North lounge.

You can see JL fleet taxiing.

(Also you can see ANA(NH) fleet)

I ate some food that will not be served at the domestic Sakura lounge.

The logo is on the bottom of the cup.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘jal’ SSID.

No password is needed.

Then click(tap) “START”.

After reading the terms and conditions, ticking 「同意する」(“agree” in Japanese) and click(tap) 「次へ」(“next” in Japanese).

Fill in your email address.

Click(tap) 「同意する」(“agree” in Japanese), then it’ll be connected.


Uploading : 15.27Mbps
Downloading : 10.48Mbps

It had good speed but it suddenly disconnected one time.


Just for your information you can “accompany” Diamond members at the priority boarding.

Did you know the sound is different depending on the status of the membership, when you go through the boarding gate and scan the QR code on your boarding pass?

If you are an elite member of JL, the sound will be an up-tone, comfortable one.

It only considers the status of the JAL Mileage Club, so even if you are an Oneworld Emerald member with other airlines, the sound will be the same as normal passengers, which is not a comfortable one.

The reason is because the staff will change what they say to the passengers.

If the sound will be the up-tone one, the passenger is a JL elite member so they say to them :

(Thank you as always for flying with us)

And for the others :

(Have a good flight)

As I’m trying to get the British Airways Gold membership, the sound will be always the normal one…

However I will be able to enter this lounge again when I’ll become a BA Gold member. I’ll try my best to get there asap and keep my status as long as possible.





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  1. By Lcpteck

    Interesting, I didn’t know about the sound during scanning of the boarding pass and the different greetings. JGC Premier also have access to this lounge.

    I’m currently JGC Sapphire and will be JGC Premier after Christmas so will have access to the lounge next year onwards.

    • By par

      Oh that would be lovely 🙂

      You can check the sound after getting Premier member too 😉


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