Lounge review : Narita airport(NRT) KAL lounge

Lounge review : Narita airport(NRT) KAL lounge

We used Korean Air(KE) when travelling to Seoul.

We visited the KAL lounge at Narita(NRT) before flying. Even though we booked economy class we were able to use this lounge thanks to Delta(DL) gold medallion membership.

About lounge

Skyteam Elite plus members and Priority pass holders can use this louonge.

The entrance :

A bit gloomy, however the inside is brighter.

The lounge is located in the North wing at terminal 1 in NRT, where almost all Skyteam member airlines are gathered.

At that time, I saw Vietnam airlines(VN) parked :

The food available is pretty poor as usual. Some pre-made Onigiri(rice bowl) and bread which you can actually buy at a convenience store…

The only warm food provided was instant noodles and instant soups.

I suppose the variety of the food should be improved…

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘KAL Lounge’ SSID.

No password is needed.



Uploading : 8.68Mbps
Downloading : 17.56Mbps

It is quite good, over 17Mbps for downloading.

I felt no stress when using the internet.


If you do not have the right to enter any other lounges, you have to use this lounge.

As I mentioned above, the food variety should be improved, but they do have a nice view from the window. The food is more crucial however.

Also I used KE for the first time, the service was not so bad.

The chief purser came to me and said thank you for taking the flight, although I took economy class.

No other Skyteam member does such thing, I was just surprised…was also bit awkward though 😛

The flight attendants were nice, they tried to look after my son especially when he cried, they tried to calm him down by giving him some toys, some drinks and making him laugh.

My wife liked this airline the most for economy class.

We got quite a lot of “nuts” too 😀





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