Lounge review : Sapporo New Chitose airport(CTS) Super Lounge

Lounge review : Sapporo New Chitose airport(CTS) Super Lounge

When I visit Fukuoka for my business trip, I took Peach Aviation(MM), a Japanese budget airline, from Sendai(SDJ) to Fukuoka(FUK) via Sapporo(CTS).

Of course you cannot use the lounge by Japan Airline(JL) or ANA(NH), however you can use an another lounge called “Super Lounge”.

About lounge

The Super Lounge is located on the 3rd floor, close to the food court.

The airport is like this :

It was under construction but there is an exhibition space of showing aviation history :

You can see some fleets from the window :

You can let your child(ren) play on this space.

If you have got any of the following credit card brand, you can use the lounge for free of charge :

The inside :

There is some coffee which is brewed :

There is some massage chairs as well :

You can work here :

They don’t serve their own Wifi service, you can use free WiFi provided by the airport instead.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ‘NewChitose_Airport_Free_WiFi’ SSID.

After clicking(tapping) “Access Internet” and “I Agree”, it will be connected.


Uploading 0.09Mbps
Downloading 4.05Mbps
It was slow.
You will suffer from this slow speed as well as the stress.

I don’t think you can’t work by using this WiFi. 


It was sad the WiFi service is just rubbish, although the lounge itself was quite good.

I hope they will provide their own WiFi service soon.





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