Train review : Tokyo Monorail

Train review : Tokyo Monorail

I often use the Tokyo Monorail when I fly from Haneda airport(HND).

About train

Tokyo Monorail connects between Haneda international, domestic terminal and Hamamatsu-cho station, which you can transfer to Yamanote and Keihin Tohoku line.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select ’00_Monorail_Free_Wi-Fi’ SSID.

You can choose by which SNS you will log-in.

If you select by you Email address, the page will require your email address.

After registration your email address, an email will be sent to you and activate it by clicking the link in the email.

Then, it will be completed.


Uploading : 1.18Mbps
Downloading : 2.55Mbps

It was not fast at all, I always get irritated by this network.


If you have got a Japan Airline(JL)’s card with IC chip and Suica or Pasmo, you can earn 20 Japan Airline(JL)’s air miles for every single use of the Tokyo Monorail.

For the first time you need to register your IC card with a machine which is near the exit gate, and then you can earn the air miles every time.

(Sorry it’s only in Japanese)

Mind you, you can only get the air miles when you ride on it from Hamamatsu-cho to :

  • International terminal
  • Domestic terminal 1
  • Domestic terminal 2
  • The fare costs about JPY500 and to get 20 miles is not a bad rate.

    If you collect JL air miles it is worth registering and using the monorail instead of Keikyu line or any other shuttle bus.

    The monorail is very shaky though.





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