Train review : KEISEI Skyliner

Train review : KEISEI Skyliner

Did you know there is an another express train going Narita airport(NRT), called “KEISEI Skyliner” operated by KEISEI Electric Railway?

Let me explain to you what it is like.

At the station

KEISEI Skyliner is connected from Ueno or Nippori to Narita airport which takes approximately 40 mins, which is faster than the Narita Express.

ScreenshotTrain review : Narita Express

Train review : Narita Express

The problem is, you cannot use credit card when buying a ticket at the vending machine.

It makes even Japanese people get irritated.

Alternatively, you can use credit card by reserving online in advance, or you can use credit card at a ticket window, however there will be quite a long queue there…

In any case, I think this should be improved.

In the train

On board the train, there is plenty of leg room and there are electrical sockets at the foot area.

It might be bit difficult to plug in your devices if the cord is short though.

How to connect to Wi-Fi

You can select “KEISEI_FREE_Wi-Fi” SSID.

Afterwards the following page will be displayed :

Click(tap) “Access the internet here” button.

After several pages will be displayed, then you will be connected.


Uploading : 1.23Mbps
Downloading : 14.06Mbps

It was good.

I felt no stress when I tried to upload quite a lot of images.


One thing though, you cannot use WiFi on the train…

Therefore I’d advise that you Check anything you need to using wifi on the platform or station, before riding the train.

Hopefully WiFi will be installed on the train soon.





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